AR Prototypes

Fiero Interactive
Fiero Interactive
Unity, C#, Vuforia, ARToolKit


Inspired by the meme of the same name, Banana for Scale is a mobile AR game that you play by pointing your phone at a  business card. This was an experiment designed to explore using the distance of the camera as the main game input, while also adding an interesting talking point to existing branded material. Built with the Vuforia library for Unity.


A simple game prototype made to educate about the different ways that AR markers can be utilised, such as low cost physical rotation controllers. The aim of the game is to match the rotation of the two on-screen shapes, with the left-most shapes rotation controlled directly by the printed cube. This direct relationship helps to show those unfamiliar with AR tech, how the digital and physical can interact to form cohesive experiences.


A reimagining on the classic video game Pong, using AR markers + webcam as a low cost game controller solution, offering 3-axis movement. created using the ARToolKit library for Unity.

What I Did:

  • Concept development.
  • Core game design and loop prototyping.
  • Gameplay programmer.

Banana For Scale

Rotation Puzzle

Ping Pong Paddle Pong

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