Pocket PuttAR

The Unathletic
The Unathletic
Unity, C#, ARKit

Do you love mini golf? Do you always have your phone on you?

Pocket PuttAR is a mobile AR game that brings the golf to you! You now have a mini golf course in your pocket so that you can play (almost) anywhere, any time.

Putt through 18 wacky whimsical, holes of your very own personal mini golf course.

What I Did:

  • Core game design and loop prototyping.
  • Core mechanic implementation.
  • Collaborated on obstacle design.
  • Whiteboxed obstacle layouts.
  • Designed and implemented a procedurally generated level system.
  • UI implementation.
  • Created internal level editor tools.
  • Implemented the in-game economy and store.

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